1. I mean, I struggle to see what is so significant about the jeopardy clip. I had never seen a picture of Babe Ruth until fairly recently, and before that I had no idea what race he was. Also, if you told me he debuted in 1947 I would have believed you. Not everybody gives enough of a shit about sports to know this stuff

  2. Everyone clowning on the Babe Ruth answer. Haven’t y’all seen White Man Can’t Jump? Gloria answers Babe Ruth incorrectly, and then proceeds to mop up the field from there. Sheesh

  3. Am I supposed to watch this video before bed because baseball is so boring it will put me to sleep before it’s over? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  4. I like that guy who thinks its abnormal to hit faster that you can throw but at the same time it’s off the tee


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