1. I’m waiting for the day when the Hit Batter grabs a Baseball and throws at the Head of the Pussy Pitcher! Plunk there it is! Plunk there it is!

  2. Thankfully Bo Jackson didn’t have a temper. If he got Plunked and Mad . . . He Crushed – Seattle Seahawks – Brian Bozworth!

  3. MLB batters of today are like NHL goalies before they started wearing masks. If you can be injured by an errant or intentional pitch then they should develop equipment that will protect the batter from a 100 mph fastball so all this game disrupting nonsense will end.

  4. Any pitcher that throws at a position player on purpose is a coward, you hit them knowing there is nothing they can do to you

  5. Seems like another lifetime ago. I told the catcher, if I get hit I’ll break his arm so badly, he will never pitch again.
    He never pitched again and i never played ball again.
    Life goes on.

  6. do they ever actually fight?? like most i’ve ever seen is a punch or two thrown and then it’s a hugfest. like even if it was like a hockey fight, never mind a full on bench brawl royal rumble style.


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