• Not really, you can probably find a few though and theres probably some catchers who play first, third, or outfield occasionally

  1. Oakland’s so fucking cheap they gotta use their stadium as the Coliseum during the off season Landscapers can’t be bothered to remove the yard markings and paint

  2. A lot of these are just bad mental plays…. For example, the infielder waving off the outfielder even though the infielder is making the catch with his momentum going in the wrong direction, off balance, and all while the outfielder is most likely the one with the strongest arm between the two

    • Brynden Rivers in the moment it’s hard to decipher these things, but definitely if the outfielder knows he can reach it, he should have the right to call of the infielder in these situations

  3. Most of these happened because the outfielders slowed up. If you’re an outfielder you should NEVER let your infielder run backwards to catch the ball. Get there quick enough and call him off

  4. Did anybody else question some of those safe at home calls?!! There were at least two where the runner wasn’t even anywheres near touching the plate!

  5. Those runners scoring are helping their teammates get paid – the out doesn’t count against their batting avg and they add to their RBI total.

  6. In most cases the outfielders should have called off the infielder. They are moving towards the plate and have momentum

    • My thoughts exactly. I think the outfielders in a couple of those clips had the same idea, because you can see them saying something which was probably along the lines of “dude, you gotta let me take that”. I mean in theory the outfielder can/should call off the infielder, but in practice if that infielder isn’t stopping despite the call-off, the outfielder isn’t going to risk a collision with someone running full tilt who probably can’t even see him.

  7. I did this once during a Babe Ruth all-stars tournament game of mine. I had just hit a double and my teammate popped out to the catcher in foul territory. For some reason all the infielders on the other team went to go catch the ball. When I saw that I tagged up and went to third.


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