1. YES !!!!! The GREATEST team in the league, St. Louis Cardinals, have won again. To think they will be TWELVE-time World Series champions in a month just gives me chills.

    What an OFFENSIVE EXPLOSION tonight! In the top of the first inning, Matthew Martin Lee Carpenter aka SALSA MAN aka CARPENTER’S CRUNCH belts a BIG RBI double to right field, driving in Thomas Hyunsu Edman. Carp and Tommy are shutting up their critics this season and will both be rewarded with a World Series trophy in October!

    OH BABY !!! Kolten Kaha Wong had a TERRIFIC RBI triple in the top of the second inning, bringing in Matthew Richard Wieters. Kolt and Matt are two veterans of the game, but each will look GREAT with a first World Series ring this autumn.

    The top of the fifth inning was TOO GOOD ! Thomas Hyunsu Edman sent a BOMB into the Mississippi River that scored Kolten Kaha Wong. Then … Dylan James Carlson BLASTS a RBI double to left field, driving in Harrison Joseph Bader and William Dexter Fowler. Finally … Matthew Richard Wieters SMACKS a RBI single to center field to bring in Paul Sterling DeJong and Dilly Dilly. Crazy how only Carls, Bades and Pauly D are young in their careers, but they’ll call themselves World Series winners this fall. And how about Dex?! He’ll FINALLY win one with a REAL team!!

    A HISTORIC night for Daniel Robert Ponce de Leon. The 28-year-old from La Mirada, California was straight up FILTHY on the mound. Huge shoutout goes to Kodi James Whitley, part of the best bullpen in the league, for the SUPERB close.

    TIME TO FLY !!!

    • Whoa there, Mitt. Clinch the berth first…y’all still got these 2 with the Brewers and there’s still 2 games to possibly be made up Monday against the Tigers.

  2. Good win Cardinals! Ponce De Leon has been looking excellent lately. If we win tomorrow I believe we secure us a playoff spot. Let’s go boys!


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