• @Austin Bryan oh yeah forgot about Diaz (isn’t he hurt though?) Well I just know that any of the 3 are nowhere close to Correa’s defensive skill. I guess Diaz can somewhat hold a bat (as compared to Mayfield and Torro who are complete statues at the plate)

    • @the man I think mayfield has the best glove of the 3 replacements, but diaz has a somewhat competent bat. But correa has an alright bat and an amazing glove so really can’t see him go down right now

    • He should’ve pitched instead of Harris in that game 7. Greinke and Urquidy had them on lock most of the series.

    • @LCSClips exactly, rookie pen pitchers are responsible for more than half the Ls. When the rookies have started they’ve done decent..glad to see Valdez and Urquidy taking care of business. Even Christian Javier, and Paredes have been ok too. Bielak, Sneed, and Taylor have done terrible.

  1. I think they might run the table to end of the season. It might not be enough to catch the A’s but they’re looking good and should be good for the post season

  2. You pledge allegiance to the MLB, and to BLM for which it stands, one communist nation devoid of God, impoverished, with servitude and bondage for all:


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