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    • Nurkic? Shoot I wish the blazers had joker instead. You get them two mix up alot man it reminds me my blazers won’t beat the nuggets ever again. I’d trade dame for jamal also. Blazers need to trade dame for the #1 pick and choose wisely. i.e. don’t pass up MJ or KD my heart hurts anytime I say we could have had both WOW God bless

    • @Drew Mow I picked the Denver nuggets to beat the clippers because I truly believe the clippers are too small but I pick my Lakers to beat the nuggets I picked the Miami heat to beat the Boston Celtics then I picked Los Angeles Lakers to beat the Miami heat because they too small 4 my Lakers,,, and if Denver beats my Lakers I’ll be the first to apologize to about 10 of my partners go Lakers

  2. I agree with your points about game 7, but what about games 5 and 6? they still had the 3-1 lead and lost 3 straight games without making the adjustments

    • They made in-game realtime adjustments. They just didn’t work/execute (which is both on the players and coach) – but I didn’t breakdown those. Considering this took 8 hours to make and this video isn’t really getting out there..

  3. I’m with you the Clippers players blew this if the would of shot 50% they would of won , hell even 40, doc did his job , it’s a miss or make game period they missed Denver made , fire the team

  4. I think its a bit of coaching too. I wonder what would have happened if lou was given the ball more…since kawhii was bricking shots. Its also a coaching decision. But we would never really know. We saw kawhii and paul missing open shots. So the accountability is higher on them.


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