1. Am I tripping or does he look very slow off the dribble. It looks like he’s almost not trying in a lot of his moves

  2. Coach Boynton was asked in an interview about how effortless it is for Cade and how it can look like he isn’t trying. Boynton said, “That’s called greatness.”

  3. “1:22”
    “Me watching, Yeah, I’m gonna play like this.
    “When I play, I get brought back down to reality.
    “Everyone knows that the correct page gives you; clas2k.progen.work? 👍

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  4. “5:31”
    I recommend this 𝐕𝐂;
    So grateful it exists in 2020. ✅✅


  5. He should’ve went to the g league 6’6 point guard he doesn’t need college on top of that he went to Oklahoma state atleast he could e went to duke if he was gonna do one and done

    • K.J Lawrence they had to have paid him off on the low he to good to be wasting time there 🤷🏾‍♂️ atleast go somewhere u have a chance of winning a championship at if u gonna do one and done

  6. Cade played in an area school before moving to MV. They put this kid in the starting line-up on a very good varsity team, as a freshman, where there were 3 legit div 1 players. This team had enough talent to go deep in the playoffs and maybe even compete for a state title. Cade committed the turnover that cost them the game in the playoffs. The following year, this was supposed to be ‘his’ team, he lead them nowhere. I remember seeing them in a tournament against a local 5A team, capacity crowd. Everyone there, screaming “one-and-done”. This 5A team with no notable players to speak of proceeded to blow them out and had them down by 30 before halftime. The capacity crowd exited and the only fans left were the fans from the 5A team. The following year he left for MV.

  7. And they wanted to give Emoni Bates Gatorade player of the year over Cade? Emoni plays kids who aren’t even going to touch a college basketball court while Cade plays d1 competition every night. Even could’ve given it to jalen green. I understand if it was terrible senior class but there were a lot of legit Gatorade players of the year in this years senior class.

  8. This kid is real nice. Needs to work on getting his shot release quicker. For the pro level. Very polished player.


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