1. Listen up motherfuckers, y’all gonna play hard fucking ball! Or else Dwight is gonna come in the locker room after the game!

    Works everytime.

  2. I really hope the playoffs are at least continued after all this. I’d really like to see what happens with the Rockets Raptors and Lakers

  3. I hate the phrase “buy in”. It’s cliche and too many mediocre coaches use it as an excuse “If only the kids would buy in”, don’t know how many times I’ve heard it used in such ways.

    • BBALLBREAKDOWN Great point, I think that type of thinking blocks reflection & self-improvement. Thanks for bringing Alan and Mark on! Really enjoyed Alan’s points of what players are looking for in a coach.

    • And it is the part of the point of the Triangle Offense, the team runs a play that cycles through progressions, instead of Coach saying “Do This”

    • @Ray Burks if you look at Coach Nick’s videos on it, you’ll see it is simply a progression, a pattern.

      And so you have to learn the pattern.

      It’s like getting involved in a School play.
      Learning your lines, when to say them, and to who, and where to stand.
      But after you practice a lot, it becomes your normal.

      So you don’t need to be “smart”.
      Just disciplined to learn your lines – aka, your part in the Triangle.

      I how that makes sense 😊

    • @William Hooke let the players do they thing not only does it make it more enjoyable to watch it also allows more people to break out that’s why the warriors were so successful while being fun to watch you shouldn’t have to conform to a system cause different systems hinder or help different players not everyone thrives in systems cause they all don’t fit them

  4. coach nick – sell an online course teaching coaches/players how to get better at basketball. Courses sell like crazy, you can make an extra $1,000 – $10,000 per month just form course sales alone

  5. I believe in this. My offensive line coach let me and other leaders communicate during drills and film. He also put us in situations in practice against random defenses to make sure we knew our assignments and calls. We developed so much with him!

  6. Coach Nick, this is such a great conversation. I was expecting basketball coaching when I clicked and found out it is a whole different idea. I love how Mark was emphasizing how important it is for players to demonstrate what they know before fixing anything, and how the whole conversation ended with Alan talking about building trust. Coming from the music performance and tech startup world, I have very much the same feeling with how to get the best out of a person. The methods that Mark and Alan were sharing are what I’ve found very impactful in my experience as well. What I would like to add to the conversation is there are immediate needs of winning and success in the game, AND a long term impact to a person’s life. By doing so we are building social capital instead of a non-sustainable environment. It is a delicate balance that requires wisdom and experience to perfect over time, which is the profession of coaching in my opinion.

  7. Coach Nick, love your content more than you’ll ever know. I just wish there were tools like this when I was coaching my 2 sons in AAU here in Houston, Texas. The concept of a “buy-in” or a trust factor was never established in the many teams I coached because of the PARENTS! There is literally a perception of what a “good coach” or program is, and I feel like a lot of he problems I had coaching was the disconnect with the parents and their trust and expectations. And what it literally did for me, was I have coached kids that have left programs I was running so they can go play for the larger named/sponsored teams that give less to kids and literally use their talent to stay relevant, instead of actually making them better! But I digress, as my oldest is in the process of playing overseas after playing College ball, and my younger son ended up in football…but I wish I could have offered more to the kids I formerly coached with these kinds of resources to help guide me! Keep up the amazing work!

    • I hear ya totally!! And kids getting poached is a big deal… but my take has always been to create an environment where they want to be there. If a player gets to the point where he wants to go to another team, the last thing you’d want is to have him/her on your team.

  8. “5:31”
    I recommend this 𝐕𝐂;
    So grateful it exists in 2020. ✅✅


  9. Hey Coach Nick can u do a video on the pacers. I would love to see you analyze there Offensive and Defensive and how they can improve. Thanks

  10. People don’t feel the need to invest into something unless they have a personal investment in it. Making athletes be accountable for their own benefit is genius because that’s when they try the hardest.


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