1. Hey Guys,
    How crazy is Caron Butler’s Story?
    It seems impossible that he made it as far as he did!
    Who else do you guys know had a crazy route to the NBA?
    – M I K E

  2. Hey mike…
    I’m just curious
    Where do you get such video ideas??
    Do you search something like..
    NBA players involved in crime or jail.

  3. The 2nd time someone named ____Butler has overcome adversity to make it to the NBA! You did a video on both. However, Jimmy was always a more, well, clean man than Caron, of course.

  4. When talking about players who you would take with you in a fight… everyone says Dennis Rodman, Ben Wallace, Ron Artest or Shaq when they should be choosing CARON BUTLER!!!!

  5. Great 👍🏾 video only problem is u never mentioned wat city he was from and I was waiting looked like Chicago

  6. Mike I enjoy the fact that you do not look to constantly put us down.you highlight our good with the bad. The more I watch your videos the more I’m learning to appreciate you and your work. I believe you do this for more than just likes, subscribers and the financial benefit. There’s a part of you that cares about what you do. Thank you my friend and I mean FRIEND!

  7. Mike,
    Love your videos. Your timing and the way your voice has a pause and lull, and lead up, reminds me of a comedian in a good way.

  8. Yeah I knew about the kid story for a while, but another nice piece though……. that’s my man… I mean not that I know Quran Butler but I always loved his story how he rose up from an ill passed… that’s a lot to go through not to fly off the deep end like many do

  9. Yeah Butler definitely deserved that chip. …. They were going to win it either way it’s only Dallas would have been even better had he been healthy

  10. y tf u gotta make everything sound so fucking serious damn, “one of the MOST _____ the NBA has EVER SEEN 😳” faceass

  11. See the thing that can be good about having a kid is it makes you realize you have the be responsible for a whole another life and get your shit together so you can’t just keep messing around because it’s not just you anymore … Although that can also be a curse because then it makes you not be able to reach your full potential some times depending because now you have to focus on a child instead of getting your life in order !
    It will definitely make or break you that’s for sure!
    Good thing Caron Butler’s one of the success stories from that scenario!

  12. Aye bro don’t be talking about gangs like that. The way you speak on them is incorrect and you can offend a lot of people.

  13. Caron Butler was Mr Basketball in the state of Wisconsin. Who finished second to him? Tony Romo…yes that Tony Romo.


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