1. Jaylen Brown is such a team player, cool, consistent, and not flashy at all. Just the kind of guy any team could benefit from. Tatum is a diva superstar.

    • Tatum is still much better than brown. He is low key the Celtics best defender, has more weapons on offence, much better rebounder and playmaker, and is easily the best shooter on the Celtics. His only problem is mental – decision making, shot selection, staying engaged etc. brown is great but his ceiling is not as high, and I used to be a brown over Tatum guy.

  2. Completely agree. Jalen Brown is the better player. Great defender and does good things offensively. People fall in love with how good Tatum’s offensive moves look like. Just because he is silky smooth it doesn’t mean he is the better player!

    • Brown is physically stronger and a better decision maker, but Tatum’s length makes him a more impactful defender, he can score in more ways than Brown, and his playmaking has developed to the point where he is one of the best passing wings in the league. He can also single handedly carry the team when he needs, which we see a lot less of from Brown

    • i love jaylen brown but he’s not better than tatum. tatum is a much better shot creater, catch and shoot option and is a budding defender

  3. You’re going to die on this hill that Jaylen Brown who struggles to create his own offense is better than Tatum who took over this game for his team. Please stop hating. & Tatum is in his 3rd season at 22 years old the player he is now is not the player he’ll be at 25,26,27 such a bad take.

  4. WHERE ARE YOU?CRYING?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🀦

  5. Hey Coach! I was wondering where you get your film from? The only site I’m aware of is 720pier. However, that doesn’t really seem to help with what I am looking for. I am trying to find film for specific teams. For example, if I wanted to watch film on all Iowa games last season and this season.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, what program do you use for editing? I’ve only ever used Hudl and Krossover. Thanks again!

    -Coach Z


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