1. I’ll bet the HOUSE that the Lakers don’t choke the way the Clips did. So they need to stay ahead in the series and let the nuggets swing themselves to sleep. Energy, Rebounds and consistency will be KEY tonight. 3-1 would be awesome, 2-2 wouldn’t be the end of the world but at that point, LA would have lost the initiative. And we can’t have that.

  2. : I thought when you pick up your pivot foot (unless shooting) it’s traveling.
    I could just be slow (experts have with me here), but I have a question:

    Why is it not traveling when Jocic picks up his dribble, pivots (actually “spins”) then shoots off the OPPOSITE foot AFTER lifting his pivot foot ?

  3. @lakers nation They way they Win. Is Bron come out with energy. Not flat as my ass going thru the motions. The team goes as he goes period💯. He’s been out of it the last 2 games. Since bronnys vid. Get the fuck over it. Every teen smokes bud. Not your fault. Looks like he wants to go home. Play with the nuggets and your ass is going home🤷🏻‍♂️.

  4. Lakers game plan: HELP US GET FREEBIE NO TOUCH FOULS CALLED…AND NO FOULS CALLED WHEN IT IS A LAKER DEFENSE! Last few minutes examples: AD tweaked his own ankle…no one touched him…2 free throws. Murray and 1…not given. Call those plays correctly…in next minute…game would have been tied. James fouls Murray…no call. Allowed Lakers one last hold off. It is BS that Lakers call out NBA for James not getting more fouls called….it is BS that James throws his elbow out to clear 2x and gets no OFs. Okay whatever. I am not a fan of either team…being a Miami fan. Ultimately Malone should have challenged many other pivotal bad calls, but he did not. And Malone started calling time out after time out…giving a very tired lakers needed rests.

  5. When Lebron decided to guard Jamal Murray in the final minutes of the game and held him to zero points. Clinched game 4 for them. A 35 year old star took matters in his own hands and shut Murray down. Lakers win it all in 5 now.


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