1. That’s what “SETUP” They’re “ALL GONE” The whole what wide “WORLD” Wanna “BET” Social Media “HUH” Has what them all “CONFUSED” There all what “BELIEVERS” The whole entire “CITY” Was it called “HATING” They’re most definitely what “BLINDSIDED” Was it called “HATER’S” The whole entire what “STATE” There what are “ALL BRAINWASHING” Was it called They’re “ALL GONE” That’s what “SETUP” What Happened “HUH” Six Year Ago “HUH” The “NIGHT” I got what “SHOT” Inside my what “RIGHT LEG” Six Year Ago “HUH” At Metro Health “HOSPITAL” The “NIGHT” What of my what “SURGERY” Huh huh “HUH” That’s what “SETUP” Whatever Yea Yea “HUH” Dr “VALLIER” Team “EMMANUEL” Decided what take advantage “HUH” What of my sleeping “CONSCIOUS” Wild I what was “ASLEEP” Two placed what huh “MANGETIC” What huh “TRACKING” Device’s inside what every “WHOLE” Inside what my muhfucking “BODY” I never what huh “AGREED” My whole entire what “LIFE” What was most definitely “HUH” What totally completely what “RUINED” Forever by some hypocrite “DOCTOR” That’s “US” They’re “ALL GONE” Team “EMMANUEL” Yea Yea “HUH” Dr “VALLIER” That’s what “SETUP” This exactly “WHY” I still have those “DOCUMENTS” Paperwork’s that’s “FACT” I singed before having “HUH” What the “SURGERY” Done and huh “PORFORM” On what my “RIGHT LEG” On December 22th The “YEAR” 2015 At Metro Health “HOSPITAL” Two what “PROVE” That’s what “SETUP” They’re “ALL GONE” The whole entire “WORLD” Was it called “RAT’S” Kiaira is what “THOT” Covering it up that’s “HOE” Deja la “AHI” To be continued


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