1. Kawhi, PG, Lou, and Harrell should have Attacked the Rim Every time they needed a bucket. That’s what the Lakers are doing now. Up 3-1 with only 24 minutes left and up by 16, 19, and 12 points, then unbelievably historically meltdown is 60% Doc Rivers fault. He let his players lose focus and showed no sense of urgency. Nobody got mad to show they cared like Marcus Smart. Did you hear Vogel reminding the Lakers that Nuggets are a 2nd half comeback team? Doc should have made a halftime Rah Rah speech and adjustment warning his team of historic humiliation like the Utah Jazz just suffered. And Doc made no adjustment on how to contain the Jokic-Murray high pick n roll. And Doc has suffered a record 3-1 collapse THREE times in his career. Clippers should be battling the Lakers right now. Clippers should sign Billy Donovan 2020 co-coach of the year and an all-star floor general like Chris Paul to run effective plays

  2. Paul George is a flash in the pan Doc had his days Leonard wanted to come home and got a rude awakening sorry no more rings unless you leave a losing organization Leonard

  3. Fantastic show. Thanks for all of your time and effort. I appreciate your insights. Playoff P. I always thought it was really uncool to give yourself your own nickname because I can’t imagine anybody has EVER called him that other than his family.

  4. Doc only played maybe 8 guys in the Nuggets series, half the team (capable veterans) got no play time. Like Reggie Jackdon, Pat Pat and Jokim Noah. Zubac & Jamychal Green should have gotten way more minutes…

    Doc doesn’t utilize his players effectively. A good coach gets the most out of his players by putting them in a position to succeed, Doc does the opposite. It’s the coach’s fault. He never made proper adjustments

  5. First off you’re comparing a 1 ring guy (Doc Rivers) to multiple ring guys. That’s your first mistake right there. Doc has a terrible playoffs record going back 20 years. Ppl say he should have won 2 or 3 rings with the Celtics…

    Doc always gets out coached — doesn’t make proper adjustments, doesn’t identify the source of the bleeding (Montrezl going against Yokic losing all the rebounds. Lou getting targeted for switches). Doc fails to put in fresh legs who are capable of giving the team a spark off the bench. Terrance Mann almost had a triple-double like 4 weeks ago! Amir Coffey always brings some energy. Reggie Jackson was a starting PG like 1-2 years ago and got like 5 minutes despite averaging 10 pts against the Mavericks

    Also Doc doesn’t have enough of an offensive system in general. The Clippers defense wasn’t good enough to win, so why have a “defensive minded coach” when the problem is scoring. “Get stops so you can get easy buckets” is not an offensive system

    • 35:00 Doc basically said he wasn’t gonna give a pep talk. *He’s the coach.* The team was _struggling._ You need to do everything you can to right the ship. He didn’t

    • 1:01:30 How is Doc overrated — it’s the way people talk about him being a championship coach all the time, when it was only 1 chip with an all-time great big 3 Celtics team (should have won 2). He gave an awesome speech about adversity in the eastern finals before losing to the Lakers. He has a solid winning record in the regular season. Also he looks stoic when pacing the sidelines, all this built an image of him that was greater than his playoff record

    • 1:05:30 you’re claiming a hypothetical- that another superstar performing poorly in game 7 they wouldn’t blame the coach — well they blame the coach if the coach is clearly the problem with their matchups/ substitutions, failure to make adjustments, failure to call time out or draw a play when it’s needed, etc.

  6. 1:13:15 Yeah Lou Will wasn’t good in the bubble at all, period. The point is — Doc kept him with about the same # of minutes when he should’ve given them to Reggie Jackson, also Landry wasn’t scoring either. Reggie would’ve put those minutes to use. He was solid in the first round. He would’ve set up other teammates with more ball movement, which is what the Clippers were sorely lacking.

    People saying we need a better point guard — we had Reggie on the bench the whole time. He was a starter like a year ago. _How good do you have to be_ to get minutes from Doc Rivers ??

    Yokim Noah was also good last year, (if he wasn’t ready to go why did they sign him). This was a Complete failure to utilize the talent available

  7. Doc is overrated
    1 He is thought of at the levels of pop, steve Kerr. When in reality the man has not won the championship since 2008, with the first super team I can remember. He has blown 3 -1 leads. He is not a great leader, it has not been one time but multiple times when his locker room has been affected by lack of order and borderline insubordination from his players. The rondo, ray Allen beef. The austin rivers vs Chris paul beef. Securing undeserved contract for his son. Doc rivers is a guy with a lot of undelivered promises. Lebron is overrated b/c he is top 10/11 player all time and the media puts him 2nd.


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