1. The NBA is an emotional, spoiled mob of ignorant gasbags. They are “useful idiots” for communist causes. The NBA evangelizes BLM, which is a Marxist front hellbent on the overthrow of the USA: https://youtu.be/_TJpqSZ8ACc
    ∙ BLM rioting and terrorizing people in Rochester, NY: https://youtu.be/q8QESv_t2Lk
    ∙ BLM rioting in a McDonalds and terrorizing people: https://youtu.be/YX1F-FbfVkE
    ∙ BLM riots in Wisconsin: https://youtu.be/W4spCD6SwAk
    ∙ BLM attempted murder: https://youtu.be/uAflPe8O7U4
    ∙ BLM protesters shield Black Bloc before riot: https://youtu.be/U1VdhQbfSTY
    ∙ BLM/Antifa domestic terrorists – ARC: https://youtu.be/63ERX2Bf6hA
    ∙ BLM terrorizing residents for flying the US flag: https://youtu.be/t7aIv01-Pos
    ∙ BLM hate movement chants, “F_ck your Jesus!”: https://youtu.be/iO4LNRuYihw

  2. Y’all need too stop posting the score boards! Foreal. I wanna see highlights and not know who wins right away. Unfollowing soon


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