1. Hi guys, I was just wondering why everyone thinks the Clippers are the most talented, and deepest team in the league, when they aren’t, I just DONT SEE IT!!

    They are a pretty good team, but they are not as good as the Raptors are with Kawhi. The clippers really only have 2 starters on their entire team, and a roster filled with bench guys. They are too small, and can’t defend like everyone says they can.

    Zubac is not a legit starting center on a contender, nor is Morris or Beverley. Morris is a good rotation piece, but not a legit starting PF. And not to mention LouWill and Harrell can win all the regular season 6th man awards, coming OFF the bench they want, they are not those same players come playoff time. PG is not a legit second option either, he is a THIRD option. He has the talent to be, but does not perform consistently in the playoffs. I think I would rather have Middleton over George in the playoffs. The clippers need another starter on this team, like a second option to play with Kawhi and PG-13, like a Chris Paul or a Lowry type point guard.

  2. The Lakers score and play defense. The Nuggets will be run off the 3 point lines. Pressure defense will be the key to victory for the Lakers.

  3. This is probably the best chance Bron’s ever had in his career to win a title. No stacked GSW, no loaded spurs of the early 2010s, no OKC with Durant, no Celtics big 3, and now no clippers. He can taste ring #4 and I think he’s about to go absolutely nuclear and blow this young Denver team right off the floor. And then probably do the same to whoever comes out of the East.


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