1. 5:11 how come lebron don’t take these when it matters.. like when it’s a game situation? All the bron fans going crazy when they’re up by like 20 FOH

  2. OMG that block by Ginobili may have been enough for me to skip my breakfast lol; and against James Harden too! yes!

  3. Looking at this highlights I kinda feel sad for Melo. Mainly what was done to him by Rockets, but also for his stuborness: he refused to adapt to this new NBA (run’n’ gun, a lot of 3pt shots taken-his iso game is considered not efficient nowadays) and the fact that he is below average defender-he should’ve worked on his defense waaay more. But that smooth jumpshot though… Just beautiful… I’m gonna miss him when he retires.

  4. I am a huge fan of Penny and Orlando Magic but i do really miss Kobe, sure his legacy will never be forgotten by anyone of a basketball fan…


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