1. I can’t lie right now. 2020 couldn’t be another one of those hurtful years ever.
    I’m still in a much lost of words in the lost of Kobe and G.G. then the ppls we lost in the war with police. Now we lose more great legends including Cliff Robinson & now one of my good actors especially to play one of the greatest entertainers of all time ” The Godfather of Soul”: James Brown: Chadwick Boseman ….
    All I can say is: Thank You, Love you & Rest in Peace

  2. Jan 5th 2020..i lost my
    Sister,40 years old..she
    also died of CANCER….
    2020,really is the WORST
    year ever..if there’s a GOD
    ..Please no more deaths..
    I know everybody will die
    someday..but,there’s just
    Too many deaths in 2020
    ….NO MORE!!!!!!!


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