1. LeBron holding the Ball is possession management. Considering how the game ended, It was a smart play. For those taking cheap shots at LeBron for not taking the last Shot, Lakers Won. It only matters who took the last shot in a loss. Unless the whole purpose of the criticism is to take cheap shots at LeBron.

  2. If Grant switches? Lebron gets a SUPER WIDE OPEN DUNK. All the blame falls on PLUMLEE for getting completely engulfed by a pic my 4 yr old/20 lbs sister could’ve gotten thru.

    • There’s a difference between being ready to help and helping even when it’s not necessary. That said, Coach Malone took a big risk sending in Plumlee when there was no time out to discuss the defense. And give AD credit for working on his three-point shooting.

  3. This whole “Lakers got lucky in Game 2” that Coach Nick and the guests on this episode are parroting is ridiculous. The Lakers led almost the entire game and had a more robust gameplan, and LeBron (and the Lakers 3 point shooters) shot horribly in the second half. How about Jokic hitting 4 or 5 shots in a row in the 4th Q in the last 5 minutes? I’ll donate $100 to Coach Nick if Jokic does that again. The Nuggets got lucky that they closed the gap by the end.

  4. I actually appreciate these kinda videos. Sometimes i need that background noise to get me through the day doing chores and stuff (no offense!). Those mindless things you have to do to upkeep. But i don’t wanna listen to music. I wanna listen to things i care about and am interested in. I could listen to podcasts and such i know, but i enjoy Coach’s breakdowns and insight/input without needing to look at the play videos like his other normal vids. Other channels i enjoy are like The Jump and The Inside Guys.


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