1. Take nothing away from Boston as my Heat have benefited from bad calls but I stopped watching after Dragics 4th. It was so blatantly obvious they are miss calling on both sides but if you look at the games Miami have eliminated teams, Dragic has played a significant part, especially in the non stat intangibles but also stats. He was taken from the game to extend the series of possible. The refs been caught. We know they are told how to shape the game but today was just disgusting. Miami didn’t blow a lead. It was taken from them. I don’t care who disagrees. I’ve researched and watched this league for 3 decades as an adult and have watched the lies become public, then become normalised. How many times as a heat player did LBJ travel? Enough to be on Shaqtin more than anyone but Javaale. Fact. We accept by paying for the NBA. I am not anymore and it is sad. I don’t think the players are unaware they just know they cannot do anything about it and imo it’s why CP really pushed in 2012. Lockdown publicly won’t be about everything it is privately & this league for all is good is very very secret until someone makes it a truth. Fuck the NBA. Heat in 6 or 7? Lakers in 6 or 7?


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