1. Are you morons kidding me with the fricken video suggestions over top of the #1 play? What do you do? Let a house cat walk on the computer keyboard to produce the videos? SMH.

  2. Kobe Bryant in 2009:
    – Beats Houston In the 2nd round
    – Faced The Nuggets In WCF And Won
    – Won his 4th Ring In Orlando
    LeBron James in 2020:
    – Beats Houston In The 2nd Round
    – Faces Nuggets In The WCF..
    – Trying To Win His 4th Ring In Orlando🤯

  3. Please finish the last play before putting the pictures of the next video. Coz It ruin the video. It is the no.1 top highlight but you cover it with pictures. It blocks 90% of the video, totally ruins the highlights.😔


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