1. Doc is for sure gone on the Clippers team. He was lucky to have so many talented players in his team from the beginning Chris Paul, Griffin, JJ Reddick, De Andre Jordan, Jamal Crawford, Hedo, etc… and now Kawhi, PG, Lou Williams and company. Look Nick only have Kawhi on his team but they were successful and got the title. Kawhi uncle is so stupid move to Clippers, could have another Championship if he stayed. Doc Rivers is freaking overrated coach. With all the talent you have and blow a lead of 3 to 1 is insane.

  2. Just because kawhi didn’t win again this yr means nothing. Just says he doesn’t win every yr. LeBron didn’t make playoffs in the stacked west without AD. Ive seen LeBron suck in playoffs as well as in finals. Just stop it.

  3. It’s like everyone wanted to see the great Kobe and Labron play in the playoffs but it never happened the man still a good player

  4. Finals loss is better than being ousted earlier in the playoffs. Usually the best teams win in the finals/semi-finals. In earlier rounds, you can get away with simply the better players or best player.


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