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  2. You pledge allegiance to the NBA, and to BLM for which it stands, one communist nation devoid of God, impoverished, with servitude and bondage for all:

  3. Heat in 5. Celtics got no answer for jimmy b. They solved Kemba already. Tbh Kemba playing so bad Heat may sag off and focus on containing Tatum. After that’s done Celtics will go to their role players and the true test for the heat will start. If our role players can prove they can run with smart and them boys it’s done in 5. If they don’t show they can do that game 2, it’s going to game 7. This series is all about adapting to the other teams offense. One big ass chess match. Heat are white and Celtics are black. By this I mean that the heat are the ones that have to go after the Celtics. Celtics job is going to be to defend and when heat shows weaknesses, expose them.


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