1. I’m the only one saying this. The nuggets are not as good as people are saying. I swear they will never reach this level of play again and are getting really lucky that miraculous plays have been saving them all playoffs. Shoulda been a first round exit tbh

  2. Coach, give it a rest. These biased takes are not a good look for you channel and content. Nugs got outplayed, if it wasn’t for the refs, the Lakers would have swept the nugs 4-0 and blown them out each game.

  3. Bruh, lebron is controlling the pace against a superior fast pace team… That’s why he is dribbling the air out ball. Its not that he confused or whatever you said. Disrespectful

  4. Lmao laker and lebron fans are disgusting, on every video and every channel, cant take any criticism against their team without calling hate or bias LMAO

  5. still waiting for the short summary of lakers vs Denver series… still not getting the short analyze. now I realize that “coach” is not neutral. then he posted a vid that was suppose to about the game 5. it turned out to be the Miami vs Celtics series. used to be a good channel… I’m done.trash. unsubscribed


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