1. i can allready see some people say “what is he depressed about, he’s a millionare, a nba player”, yeah but he is human too, he is on his right to be depressed

  2. all of our HEAD-SPACE is cloudy, coach! More than 7 billion people are living life TRAPPED in thoughts (mind), without even realizing it. Don’t u get lost in the contentious stream of thoughts…..I think u do, we all do unless we are truly enlightened and living life in this eternal space of present moment, beyond memory and imagination/ past & future. Having a CLEAR HEAD-SPACE means rising above thoughts (mind) to the infinite dimension of spaciousness, where there is NO-MIND – just a state of completed silence/ thoughtlessness. :)) WAKE UP PEOPLE!!
    “You cannot escape the prison of your mind unless you realize that you’re in it in the first place”


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