1. Jordan did whatever he had to do to win and his team wasn’t soft like today’s game so they weren’t crying. You got a bunch of softies in today’s game with the exception of a few

  2. You fool Williams or whatever your name is, MJ made a prime Garnett, and Duncan look foolish in the early 2000s. In the no touch league, an older MJ would have had a harder time, but a physical prime 88-93 MJ would have destroyed everybody.

  3. When u punch somebody in the face that doean’t mean you are a tough guy, let alone punching a white skinny boy like Kerr. Did he ever do that to Bill Cartwright? Nope. The thing that makes Jordan tough is his mindset about winning and approaching the game and breaking down opponents in whatever ways possible. And in his own words, “when u have passion , u will go to the extreme to get it. Whatever it takes, even if that means alienating your family or friends”. Now that is tough!

  4. It would still be effective.
    The whole” mid range is dead” is just plain wrong.

    Its just Golden State won their chips with 3’s. Because that’s their bread and butter. They were dominant for 5 years. So Those five years players started chuckin more three’s making it seem like the mid range is a “low percentage” shot.

    Kawhi, DeRozan, MJ these guys excel in the Midrange. So they shot more mid range shots.

    3 pointers are worth more points but it doesn’t make the Midrange less valuable. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you.

  5. Imagine if MJ grew up shooting 3s. It didn’t really exist in college for him (outside of I think one conference) since the NCAA didn’t adopt it fully until 1986, and the NBA had only adopted it in 1979. And in this era with the defensive 3 seconds penalty opening the paint, and defenders not able to be so physical, he would tear this league apart offensively. Not to mention he avg 30 PTS in that era and still found a way to be a 9 time 1st team defender.

  6. The best players in the league still shoot the mid range. It’s the role players who are bombing away from 3…..

  7. How did they deal with the pressure of Jordan; well Steve Kerr and Jon Paxton sure used it well for their second careers…

  8. Talking about mid range won’t win you rings. Did they already forgot about Kawhi? The dude is pretty much unstoppable in mid range.

  9. If MJ played in this era he would be like Kobe but a bit better and more efficient. If MJ played LeBron in a playoff series LeBron would cry just like how he did when the Celtics beat him. Kobe would have destroyed Lebron as well if they ever met in a final series.

  10. At 3:22 Paul Pierce had that look on his face like: “this b**** is crazy talking about MJ shooting 3 pointers like Steph Curry and Reggie Miller”!😆

  11. MJ is goat and all, but now y’all saying he would’ve had a 3 like Reggie Miller and Steph!? Lol stop the madness. And it’s disrespectful to them. Steve Kerr and Kukoc were the shooters. And y’all bragging that he punched his teammates? He’s graded on a whole other level

  12. Jordan fine tuned his game to work in the system (80s-90s NBA coaching schemes and rules) which focused on fundamentals and what was viewed as high percentage shots; post up shots from centers, dunks, and mid range 2 pointers. Today’s NBA has instituted zone defense, took away contact/hand checking from the defender, and bred a whole generation of women (current NBA stars) to play today’s game. <--This combined with a revelation of 'analytics' and the current coaching scheme has become to use similar offenses that created mid-range shots, just expanded out to the 3 point line. Lots of cross court movement with multiple screens and passes to contract and expand and break down the defense until the open man is spotted. Analytics determined that a 3 point percent anywhere around 40 percent would outweigh a mid range 2 point game with a percentage between 55-60 percent. And thus you have the boring trot to the 3 point line and take a shot NBA we have today. I said all of that to say this...you unleash a prime Jordan in this kind of league and he'd take a lot more 3 point shots and average about 50 points a game. Instead of an insane midrange shot chart, Jordan would have an insane midrange shot chart WITH an insane 3 point shot chart as well. I mean seriously, his defender can't put a hand on him to feel and control where he is going? Jordan would be taking ALL KINDS of shots from wherever he pleased. In fact that goes for most NBA stars of the 90s. Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, Clyde Drexler, etc etc , would all be unleashed in this kind of system.

  13. Jordan just wasn’t a high volume 3 point shooter because of the triangle. But the two years before his first retirement that he took 3 threes a game he shot 38 and 35 percent. He would be just fine.

  14. How did they sneak LeBron into this story? He doesn’t have better stats than Kareem. Kareem was the nicest teammate.


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