1. Never touch the water! Brain-eating amoeba has been detected in tap water in 8 cities in Texas, USA! Beware of the Shadow Government Satanists. The deep government Obama, Hillary, and Bush are all members of the Shadow Government Satanists. They control the American media to report fake investigations and news, and it is possible that Obama and the others did it. They created chaos and turned upside down. Black and white, creating darkness, Marx and Lenin are all controlled by them, they may not be human

  2. At 4:00 they had listed an accomplishment by James Worthy in the 1998 NBA Finals. I don’t exactly recalled Big Game James playing for either the Chicago Bulls or the Utah Jazz in 1998?

  3. I dont know what were they think with jamal Murray. He played full 2nd half I mean full 24 min of 2nd half which he played with injury, he shot poorly, he turn over many times, he didint even shoot that much, and they put him full time, give him a rest, and let him in fresh. He didnt do that much in 2nd half and played full times


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