1. Been both the same age… You know Jordan can’t be compared to anyone he is simply the best ever..
    Kobe copied all he’s moves but he was not jordan

  2. Jordan never regretted any trash talk he did for the fact he always backed it up and if it wasn’t in that game well we all seen what happens the next time he played that person n their team.jordan the destroyer

  3. Everyone trashed talked make it sound like Mike was the only one to do so.so he was having a great game against an older jordan an average team at best.one Jordan didn’t lie about not being him and the shoe comment.two jordan gave Kobe more props and answered every question kobe asked him to be come a better player n to improve his game than he had trashed talk.he did the best thing not saying anything being cool so he can go give his all without talking and making Mike hyped up so he goes out and plays harder than he always does.good video but mj didn’t regret anything and still went on being the player he was even at that age


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