1. I do not GAD what haters think. I’ve been a Lakers fan for over 40 years. If you wear the “purple and gold,” you are my team. Plus, LeBron is a great guy off and on the court. Botton line…haters gonna hate. And, I do not feel any need to defend my team to anyone. Some people believe “they should just shut up and dribble.” I say every citizen has a right to use his or her voice to stand up for whatever they believe in. This is not North Korea or Russia!

  2. I couldn’t really care wether the Lakers are like able or not. I’m just laughing cause people think this is the start of a new dynasty. You don’t have a front office to sustain that. LA had to sacrifice way too much to put together a Veteran aka old team for a one year run. Second round next year is probably where they’ll leave.


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