1. Tua is literally an imbecile. His 13 on the Wonderlic test shows he has an IQ of about 82. This score, coupled with his severe injury, makes him not worth the risk.

  2. I’m hoping the redskins skip in Tua they are just as incompetent as the cowboys who think Dak is a Franchise QB🤣🤣.

  3. Stop trying to compare QB’s from different teams, with different coaches, and different talent pools. You have to go with what you see and with intelligence testing. I can see his injury history being a concern to some teams however. While other QB’s have had injuries and overcame them and never had another (Brady, Brees), there are others like Romo who seemed to be injured almost every year. Who knows, but it wouldn’t shock me if he fell behind other QB’s with perhaps less talent and experience. Besides, if a team passes on him and he goes on to have a HOF career, just think about all the fun everyone will have telling that story (Brady, MJ.)

  4. I can see tua falling out of the top early mid first rd period. I wouldn’t be shocked if he don’t go to a team with an established starting qb.
    He’s a low volume passer. 15-25 pass range play action deep over the top and fades. Gonna be good if he can sit learn and heal a couple years.
    Herbert is a high volume passer 30-35 times a game. He can see the middle doesn’t need to run outsided to make those throws. 60 mph arm perfect for timing routes and big physical to take the abuse. The type that can throw. Short and mid to create run yardage with his arm.
    It’s two different styles of strength.
    Depends on your scheme .if your gonna run heavy them tua.
    If you want a horse with a huge work load go Herbert.

  5. Sometimes you can’t never get a prediction right over time. What about when people thought Watson was going to be a better qb than Mahomes and then what happened.

  6. Nobody is talking about it but Miami can trade #18 and #26 to Detroit for #3. Everyone assumes Miami would trade #5 but they could keep it and get Tua and Wills

  7. Not to mention tua pocket presents…..which is huge!!!! As a quarter back. Herbert not even close to tua…it’s just a fact. Herbert is healthy and has size….that’s it!!!! Herbert’s not ready for the nfl.

  8. Riddick saying GM’s need a promise from the owner that they won’t fire them if Tua gets hurt after drafting him in the Top 10 is the reason he works for ESPN and not the NFL. Even if they gave that promise, they wouldn’t stick to it and the idea that you’d even think about asking for it before drafting Tua tells you that you shouldn’t be drafting him even if that promise were kept.

  9. Of course the dolphins are dumb enough to take Herbert…………..they passed on Brees ………a decision that told saban to book on……………now he is the greatest coach in NCAA history……………


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