1. Fury talking honestly about Joshua.
    Wilder never wanted to fight Joshua, that is why in all the time he held the WBC belt he never tried to unify the belts.
    I am not partizan and would love either Fury or Joshua to win.
    The fight will be huge and I for one am happy to wait till after Fury has fought and smashed Wilder to pieces again.
    Whyte should fight Wilder, that is a mouthwatering prospect, we don’t need to see Whyte v Joshua.
    Joshua is too strong and would make mincemeat of him.

  2. AJ that is a promoting machine and beat who to win the the World title and where is Charles Martin. The boy can shout from the roof tops that he wants Fury. Fury will slaughter him, he was out worked by a retired ex champion and has never shown the elite boxing technique but has held the belts shows that boxing is a show business. Fake Champions that make money no wonder Dillian Whyte don’t get the chance as boxing is like music business you go to have the sellable factor. It is all about money.

  3. Both have fights both need to sort out there next challenger before even speaking about each this fight can only happen if wilder and pulev take step aside money to watch other 2 boxers fight for undisputed title don’t see it happening maybe 2021 think they are just building the hype up at the moment.

  4. Fury knows his dream will end too quick with Joshua. Fury got every excuse under the sun, not to fight Joshua right now.

  5. If AJ and Fury fight the Dillian Whyte situation sorts itself out for the better in the short term. Whoever wins the undisputed would be raised to a super champion, so Whyte gets an immediate fight for a new regular belt. Its not perfect, but its better than nothing.

    • TMT CreW of course he is AJ has no power no head movements he just got beat from a short a fatter man that not only beat wilder destroyed him

    • TMT CreW look what power 22 ko wilder has like 41 but then you will say because of the level of competition but like all you AJ fans do why is it different for AJ who does he beat old man and on points but yet wilder vs fury happened twice but yet you will say wilder pick his fights blar blar Blair so he chooses fury be4 AJ Yh right

    • Why are we talking about freedom of speech if it’s boxing AJ talks to much calling out fury while the government said 2 meters distance it makes sense doesn’t it but like I said the power he has everyone gets up like klitsco did

  6. I like both but AJ got battered by Ruiz who was badly out of shape . AJ like Bruno too robotic and can’t really take a punch

    • @RDR Films In terms of body composition, he was. But, Ruiz only got a third of preparation in camp than Joshua got, and still made him do the chicken dance all night.

    • Well he hits harder than pillow fist and he won’t be worn out and bullied by headlock like wilder so don’t count your chickens

    • dejardains letallec a 250lb AJ got bullied by Ruiz lmao, hows a weaker 240lber gonna cope against a far more physically dominant fighter in Fury? He can’t outmove Fury like he did Ruiz when he’s lighter, and he’s not amazing when he’s heavier either. AJ fanboys are by far the stupidest, worse than Wilder ones lolz

    • skrrr x you’re the stupid one here who knows nothing about boxing 🥊! Stop whatever cracking you smoking 🚬 boy

  7. AJ has to fight Pulev and Usyk. Fury has Wilder and winner has to fight Whtye. Basically this fight will never happen unless both fighter relinquishe all their belts and just have a fight.

  8. Why wasn’t AJ this willing with Mr. Wilder in 2018. Nevertheless, I need to see assigned dates { after this ‘health’ hysteria }.
    ©️ Coach Hilario 2020

  9. In my opinion, that is the best shot at the heavy weight division now (Fury vs AJ). Like you said, Fury has a more confidence so I give him the upper hand. But for AJ, based on his improved performance in his rematch with Ruiz, I think he will do better if it happens in Britain. However, if it happens in Las Vegas, then it could end up like the Wilder fight.

  10. AJ always runs his mouth when he knows the other fighter is contractually obligated to fight somebody else.

    Fury will destroy AJ….

  11. Here’s how to get round Whyte, Give Fury another make believe belt like a diamond WBC make Whyte the regular champion Whyte got what he wants. As for Wilder let him spark out Charr take the regular belt then fight the winner of AJ v Fury 🤔

  12. AJ needs to stop clowning. He god damn knows fury is stuck with the wilder the excuses bomber. And Joshua needs to to fight Ruiz for the third time. He needs to risk it. If he believes he can win easy. Beat Ruiz while you wait for fury. But I doubt he can beat Ruiz. The guy that made him quit on the ropes and change his style because he respects Ruiz power. Not giving the third fight makes it look like a duck. Fury has already proven himself. His arguably the best of this era. Undefeated and undisputed heavyweight champion. Joshua and wilder both got KO. So their appeal is meh.


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