1. I don’t think Dillian is scared of Breazeale at all but I think your last point is why he isn’t really interested.
    I think he doubts his ability to KO Breazeale as quick as Wilder did and also doesn’t see the fight as a step up.
    The Can Man will fight anybody that’s a good fight for him at the right time!
    Don’t get it twisted, he fully understands boxing politics. Probably doesn’t want people dropping him down the ratings even in the eyes of the public because of an association with Breazeale.
    My thoughts

  2. Whyte is a pussy.. he turns down a world title fight with AJ cos he didn’t like the split…. and he didn’t want to fight Pulve in Bulgaria for a ibf elimination…he pops dirty against oscar that gets brushed under the carpet…soooo he needs to shut his mouth cos outside the u.k… no one cares

    • Haha you might want to watch boxing to gain some knowledge rather than listening to “opinions” all over the internet

    • Joseph Scott you are the pussy calling boxers pussies over the internet.
      I respect any man that gets in the ring, clearly something you know nothing about! Go to your local gym and take a clean punch in face an you won’t be calling these guys pussy anymore. Yes you are entitled to your own opinion but no one cares lol derk

    • “he pops dirty against oscar that gets brushed under the carpet” very true, Rivas also knocked him down…Had Parker not been head butted or the fight lasted another few seconds Whyte would have been on his ass again and ko’ed, held on to Parker and wouldn’t let go like a drunk sloth. Whytes performance against Wach looked like the ped’s had worn off! I think Breazeale could pose problems for Whyte in a brawl, they are both a bit sloppy and can be caught, Breazeale is the bigger guy

    • Joseph Scott but this is heavyweight boxing what people think outside the u.k is irrelevant because every single belt and title resides in the u.k

  3. Whyte beats Breazeale in my opinion.
    Whyte needs to fight Wilder after he gets destroyed by Fury.
    That is the fight I want to see.

  4. We already know the outcome of whyte vs brazeale, we like when whytes in fights we don’t know the outcome of, let’s keep it that way, brazeales a wasteman with a big mouth

  5. Whyte is talking straight truths. Breazeale needs to rebuild, simple. He pulled out of the fight already so needs to go to the back of the queue.

  6. It didn’t get brushed under the carpet that’s VADAS procedure there are many fighters who have not been revealed till this day unless they have announced themselves a fighter is serving a ban


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