1. Fury is the camp who has the WBC belt fury has it .
    Fury took wilders belt to become the WBC champ by beating wilder .The WBC . belt wasn’t given to fury .
    And you stated you agree with wilder that fury isn’t the champ because they have another fight .
    Ok you and wilder keep believing that the two of you are nut jobs who can’t deal what is called REALITY !

  2. “When life knocks you down try land on your back cause if you can look up you can still get up” LES BROWN. That’s how winners get back into the ring after failing forward and learning a great lesson that the”gyps king is knockout bomber” So am looking forward to the point that this coming fight gonna be our game so it’s a must win game for Deontay Wilder#The bronze bomber .RMBR “Don’t wish things were simple but always aim to be better”My word So am positive that this coming fight you are not fighting Ortiz instead you are fighting against a hard,hungry and an optimist well prepared fighter “The gyps king” but aiming and preparing better is always our culture so my man Deontay we’re gonna win this title back .#Optimists #Trailblazors#Work harder#To the top # The bronze bomber


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