1. parker should just stick to making tik tok videos for his fans…that’s about all he’s good for these days after Whyte bashed him up and stole his heart and courage.

  2. “Fair and square”….., you smoking some good crack Hatman. Parker is no more a step backwards than povetkin and Dillion is making excuses not to make a great fight that everybody would love to see again

  3. Pathetic video. “Beat Parker fair and square” no mention of the head butt knock down. This channels a joke. Blocking your garbage videos from now on.

  4. How is fighting ex champion Parker a step back from fighting midget nobody Rivas and 40 year old dinosaur wach? Come on …. every comment you make, makes you look stupider…

  5. I forgot.. chisora is credible now. I remember whyte at the end of the parker fight. Wobbling around the ring getting put on his arse and holding on to parkers shorts for dear life. How can whyte say anything when Joshua had him having spasms and he still thinks he can beat him.

    • Parker would have had Whyte if it wasn’t for the head clash. Parker was far too fast.

      Whyte coming back after his juicing allegations… what has he done to deserve a shot… I’d think he was in the same pegging as Whyte at this point

  6. Facts are! Parker apart beating Ruiz, which was a highly debatable decision has been on a downward spiral. Parker is nothing special and should fight the likes of Baby Miller and Chisora!

    • @Ninja Junior Now what you said makes a whole lot of sense! I agree with you matey! The potential part, I’m not sure about🤔I question his power! I can’t see him beating the top tier heavyweights without having the power to gain their respect. He has good hands but his defence is seriously flawed. He is decent but I would not say he’s better than current Chisora. He may have the potential to improve, still being 28 but I would not bet my house on it.

    • @Marlon Campbell Have you even watched the end of Parker vs Whyte….who was smacked up at the end of the fight……umm dont worry about replying, just have a little think to yourself or watch the end of the fight lol

  7. Maybe Joseph Parker did not fight the best after his losses, but I think he is more deserving for rematches for his losses than Deontay Wilder.

  8. Parker will beat Whyte in a rematch, if Whyte mans up and takes the deserved rematch…. minus illegal headbutt & possible Peds
    check out where the Whyte head butt connected on Parker… https://www.youtube.com/watchv=_ihTH0_Uonk
    watch the third reply of it…where they see its a head butt, should not have been ruled a knockdown and should of had time given to recover. then check out Whyte holding on like a drunk sloth an not letting go after being knocked down just before the final bell.
    Well done Parker….True grit and determination!

  9. Tyson Sweet Science The Gypsy King 👑 Fury is my favorite heavyweight boxer I also like Joseph Speedstahh Parker and Dillian The Body Snatcher Whyte‼️

  10. Beat Joseph Parker fair and square lol. It was more like a wrestling match. If Ian John Lewis is the best referee the U.K got. Lol and Parker vs Joshua, the referee should be imprisoned.

  11. If Parker never started to complain to the ref for 4/5 reds he could have beat Dillian Parker was all over him in the later round Whyte was gased

  12. I think Parkeer deserves the Whyte rematch.. That headbutt Parker received in the first fight played a big part in Whyte getting the win. I think it would be a good fight anyways..


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