1. I don’t like the disrespect stipe got. When he lost the belt, they went mad. He wins by knocking out their buddy, and nothing.

  2. LOVE THIS! The commentator’s reactions to upsets have always given me GOOSEBUMPS, especially Joanna vs Rose 😬

    UFC 217 was an INSANE night 😱❤️

  3. I hate seeing the bias in the DC Stipe fights. Stipe should be the biggest star in the world but the ufc including the commentary team treat him like nothing.

  4. Cant tell me no fans is better. Take away the annoying boo’s that stupid fucks start, and fans are amazing. I hope it isnt over forever.

  5. Jon Anik is a fantastic commentator, but nothing will ever compare to the energy of a Joe and Goldy card…

    …also Sean Shelby’s reactions 😂😂😂

  6. not gonna lie , i miss mike goldberg , don’t get me wrong jon anik is great but there was something different when goldie was screaming at the top of his lungs when an upset occurred


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