1. He tripping. Styles make fights and anything can happen. He couldn’t “stop” Mikey Garcia and that’s a 135 pound man.

    • Need to see his first fight back to judge that, I think he’s lucky and somehow he’ll look like he never had the accident, but he needs to stay away from the alcohol, I will be routing for Crawford to win but can’t count out Spence after his work against Brook

  2. Crawford needs to fight a top guy. His resume is embarrassing. Spence has fought the better opposition. Idk why you Crawford fans dismiss the fact that Crawford is still unproven at 147.

  3. He said in this interview that he has changed his status now he’s as focused as him pre kell brook fight .

  4. This fight is not happening until Crawford is 35 and Spence feels the chips are stacked in his favour. As long as it is a 50/50 he doesn’t want to know.

  5. Talk is cheap! If you want the fight Errol, then it’s there to be made and from what the fans can see you and PBC have been playing games with your prospective opponents and disrespecting fighters ambitions to challenge the best to become the best… You, the Charlo’s and Wilder are not fooling real fight fans and we can see through your duplicitousness…

  6. Assuming he’s the same guy coming back from the car crash, it’d be a fight I’d love to see… but I’m tired waiting. It’s been there for at least 2 years, but Spence just doesn’t want it. He has a long term plan and unfortunately Terence Crawford is the last stage of it. If he’s lucky, by the time he eventually fights him, Crawford might have lost something to age.

  7. Another PBC delusional fighter, Spence is a good talent, but boy Crawford got a lot skills to contend with switcher, pull counters, footwork. My money’s on Crawford baby.

  8. Best should fight the best and that is a good fight same as aj fury same as Canelo smith same as ggg vs Eubanks for the winner of smith Canelo


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