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  2. It’s a shame how her WWE run ended. She was getting better with Brian Kendrick’s training, and her character was interesting. She was getting nuclear heat every week, and had she won the women’s title, especially with Becky being the fan favorite (some things don’t change), it could have been tremendous for Smackdown.

  3. She acts like she’s the top 1% (girl you’d be a barracks bunny) and the as if she was any good in the ring… and I’m not talking wrestling. Terrible at entertainment and speaking. Didn’t she pretend to be a dancer too? Girls whole life is make pretend and she’s bad at that too.

  4. I was not a fan but I think she is so much gorgeous now. She looks great and I’m glad she is her own brand and not someone else’s brand (Vince) Girl power.

  5. She may have not been the best in the ring but Eva did he Damn best. Now she doing a lot out of wwe and defending wwe

  6. That little scene that she did she she did that arm twist in the beginning was better than her career

  7. Didn’t she say she never had dance lessons after the fiasco with Fandango. Anyway, glad she found something she is passionate about.

  8. I really hope to God that she doesn’t come back 🙏🏽🙏🏽😂 If she does then we know how desperate the WWE truly is lol


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