1. Watch in 0.5 speed and you’ll see this dude is an elite striker everything was so technical very similar to wonder boy Thompson with the boxing to kicks

  2. Go watch the Ronda rousey documentary and you’ll see edmond Is a great coach Armenians are amazing fighters and this kid was
    Molded by them

  3. All the basement maggots bashing his coach have never trained a day In your life how many of you have coached a world champion? You pathetic maggots need to be humbled

    • He is Armenian… 🤦‍♂️
      He isn’t even Muslim lol
      ORTHODOX Religion ☦️🙏☦️

  4. Brad is confirmed a gatekeeper now. Sad….he needs to move away from that basic,typical style. Hit and dont get hit…footwork,head movement, feints,circle…cmon man…been knocked out too many times.

  5. 11 fights with 10 first round knockout. this guy carries prime Conor record.. let’s see what happen, also Undefeated.. Monster.

  6. At this point I would say the pupil is already greater than the teacher. As level of competition increases Edmund will no doubt switch coaches.

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  8. Everyone blamed Tarverdyan for the tail end of Rondas career, but with how well trained this kid is it seems to me that Ronda fell into complacency and got her ass kicked when the division caught up.

  9. I have said it before, this is a new breed. His next 3rd fight after this one will be for the title. He is like Killer-whale, looks cued but is the most dangerous animal in the ocean

  10. ادموند شهبازیان عالی بود.ادموند توufc حرف برای گفتن زیاد بود.ماشاالله ادموند.
    EDMOND the BEST .

  11. Незнаю, мне кажется Щахбазян слишком маленький для среднего дивизиона, сложно его представить с Костой, Ромеро, если спустится в полусредний, он там многих разёбет.

  12. Brad tavarez is that guy that’s trained constantly in the gym but still the exact same fighter he was 4 years ago. Similar to Garbrandt

  13. The whole Edmond Tarverdyan being his life long coach thing still gets me… Is Edmond legit and just got fluked with Ronda/Travis?

  14. Stylebender is so overrated. Couldn’t put away Tavares in 25min.

    Edmen does it less than 2min. At 22 years old. Give Edmen lzzy and we will have the youngest UFC champ ever.

  15. The ref deserves major praise for how quickly he got in between them. They were so close and the kick came out of nowhere. Superb job.


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