1. No excuse Gary don’t want hear about weight u being being hydrated. I don’t want hear you had a headache non that shit Gary Russell no excuses. I don’t want hear u didn’t stretch good, u fought the whole time having to take a shit. You not fighting Lomo it’s gone be 3 times worse u was horrible against Lomo. When all said and done u got paid get ur ass whoop.

  2. Dontae,

    What’s up? I hope you are well. Do you have any news about when Team Wilder will be dropping their mountain of evidence? What’s taking so long, Dontae?

    • Yes I already explained it in a recent video, Wilder Is going to release the information once the fight with him and Fury is official, he doesn’t want to risk Tyson Fury getting banned or suspended before he can get that 3rd fight.

  3. These are old videos. Eddie Hearn has recently said that Gary Russell is one of the two fighters he will consider for Devin Haney’s next fight! Bill and Devin had previously sent over a contract to be signed by Russell. Gary refused to sign until Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Promotions signed on to the fight! Now, it has happened! So, Gary “You got what you wanted”. Let’s see if you are true to your word!

  4. Who cares about mikey he lied and said errol doesn’t hit hard he was covering up in the fight and didn’t let his hands go. Plus he ran from the loma fight and he lied and said he didn’t know who gary was also get mikey the hell out of here that spence fight was a money grab


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