1. This guy manipulated Wilder with all that bull shit talk about loyalty and he is a TV executive why didn’t he use his position to help negotiations instead of acting like he was on team Wilder especially since he had worked with both teams

  2. Fuck off weasel. Spends 10 minutes speaking about ppv and the people who claimed it was dead. He neglects to mention that Eddie hearn only ever said ppv was dead IN AMERICA at the current price point. Slippery little fucker this one.

  3. This guy is a weasel, boxing isnt set up like the UFC so they cant get an island and put proper parameters in place. So the pieces of shit of the world like Arum and this little scrote sack wanna take moral high ground when theyd do the exact same thing if they could. Canelo fought Danny Jacobs and Kovalev, what the fuck is he talking about not fighting anyone, PBC wont co promote. Boxing is such a dirty business

  4. I’m so surprised….a bunch of nationalist bigoted mfrs from England don’t like Espinosa…..I’m just sooooooo surprised


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