1. Tyson Fury cannot remain silent on how he executed the bare knuckle fist fighting method of combat on Deontay Wilder. There are few things that are unexplained and unaccounted for. Fury must explain the suspicious circumstances with reference to his left glove. He must explain why in one of his earlier fights the ref was unhappy with his left glove. He must also explain why his left glove was flicking through the air in both fights against Wilder as if there was no fist in the front of the glove. In the first fight against Wilder, he must explain why he avoided touching gloves and why he seemingly pulled his left glove away from the ref? Almost as if he didn’t want the ref to feel the front part of the glove. In the 2nd fight he must explain when at one point of the fight when ref Kenny Bayles had his back towards Fury, why he was fiddling with his left glove with his right glove? To what seemed like some sort of attempt to adjust his hand to the back end of the glove, the wrist area of the glove to be more precise. He must also explain why he was repeatedly rubbing his left glove on his left thigh. It is now widely suspected and believed that sleight of hand and dexterity was used to deceive the ref, judges, opponents and his team and the commission and also the PPV audience. The African American community have been defrauded out of a true warrior of the sport in Deontay Wilder by a highly deceptive, and high organised professional bare knuckle fist fighter criminal mastermind . Tyson Fury.


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