1. Johnny the type of guy to remember John Fury on his undercard but can’t remember who he fought himself..😊

  2. Now the management are involved things have changed ,. not all the money is of to charity people management boxers everybody are now on an earner , Mickey great idea on the challenge , all for charity . Not all of it ,keep them all straight Mickey it’s your idea good luck man

  3. Please don’t back Big John , Johnny. Want him to smash Theo the deluded loon. Soon to be called ‘Mickey one Eye’!

  4. He can remember john furry on the undercard but cant remember who he was fighting yeah ok…….why are we giving someone who gouged a mans eye out in a brutal non provoked attack so much attention the worlds gone mad

  5. I tried getting up John furys arse , but I couldn’t because everyone is blocking it . Never seen so much arse licking in my life

  6. I remember as a 14 year old queeing at alton towers and Johnny Nelson got offered to go front of the que and he said “na mate I’ll que like the rest” 👍👍👍👍

  7. Im not too familiar with Mickey, but Big John has been in the fighting world for a long time, and his amateur and pro record are just that: bareknuckle, he prob has a few hundred fights.


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