1. Barin Corbin came back after leaving Elias and then came back when he was getting up and hit him with the giutar

  2. Smashes the guitar so he can’t play, hits him in the throat so he can’t speak, I smell a right off t.v like Sarah Logan…

  3. wow first baron corbin attacks that camera man a few weeks ago for playing the video of roman reigns and the usos pouring dog food on him and now he attacks elias corbin really doesn’t like people making fun of him or making a fool of him.

  4. 3:11 Corbin: “I’m not finished with you!” *bashes him in the back hard with his own guitar*
    J.R.: “As God as my witness, Elias is broken in half!”

  5. Good Elias sucks .He should have got realsed along with.With the other’s .Some other people so got realsed is Ceasoro , Sami Zayn ,Elias,Dolph Ziggler.


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