1. I’m tired of all this talking. Everybody is talking, but nobody fights each other. Just a bunch of twitter gangsta’s.

  2. He still got Lomachenko problems to resolve. Why don’t he talk trash about the man that gave him his only defeat. He always backtracks and says he wasn’t in shape etc…

  3. PBC can’t get him fights cuz they want to protect certain guys…… they’re protecting tank and Santa Cruz from from GR jr when they were in his division… the same way PBC protects Spence from Bud Wilder his first 40 fights before Fury and Charlo from everyone with a pulse at 160…. that’s what I don’t like about PBC there always trying to protect certain guys….Tank fought horrible competition Santa Cruz for the most part horrible competition Wilder before Fury horrible competition the Charlo brother’s especially the 160 one horrible competition Spence got the worst resume out of all the top PBC Welterweights another one that’s protected……look it Shakur Stevenson teifimo Lopez young guys looking too fight the best Loma willing to fight the best Crawford willing to fight the best….on Dazn GB Canelo best resume in and around his division Dazn Matchroom AJ best resume in the division…all these other companies willing to out there guy’s against other top guys I just wish PBC would do the same 95 percent of there fights we know the outcome before it starts

  4. He is even smaller then loma …
    ANd he want make a 2 weight class jump ??
    OMG man I respect his guts but this is just stupid at this point.
    He is skilled and fast but he will get eated alive.

  5. 35? Shot he’s somebody’s grandpa. I’m getting tired of hearing this 135 it’s like watching midgets fighting in the ring. Little big boys climb some weight 152 that’s where the big boys start


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