1. Garcia no da la talla ni para hacer sparring. Parece que tiene 14 años, se fue del sparring con Lomachenko, esa es la “casta” de boxeador que el tiene, lamentable que tenga 10 veces más seguidores y fama en las redes que la mayoría de campeones mundiales que llevan años de guerras y títulos.

  2. El boxeo no es pegar a las manoplas, cuantos sparrings de García hay? Aparte de los que le noquea un boxeador anónimo del gym de mayweather.

  3. Ryan’s dad dose the move with Ryan, no wonder before he joined reynosos team his footwork was shit, and had no head movement, and still his lack of head movement will get him in trouble as soon as he fights a world class boxer

  4. Same speed, but linares is stronger and more explosive…he is also technically better and more experienced…he might not be the guy that fought Loma, but i have him stopping Ryan inside 10 rounds…

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  6. If speed alone was a factor, the young Garcia wins hands down. Personally, speaking, I see Linares as a more complete and fundementally sound boxer albeit an older one who has suffered through far more wars and long, heavy fights obviously with more experience to boot. I would hope to see a Linares win, again personally speaking, but he may be a bit past his prime. Which then accounts for Golden Boy’s “sudden” interest” in pitting him against one of their company’s top income producers.

  7. heres what ppl may not see.. linares throws it… ryan snaps it… he throws it with his waist and pulls it back as fast as he can. practically forcing it back

  8. i like the comments… even tho i want ryan to win i like that hes suppose to lose.. so hes not fighting a easy fight.. hes actually challenging himself


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