1. is this Bridge a safer alternative to the Bridges Mike Tyson would do? it doesn’t look like its putting strain on the neck but just want to make sure.

  2. home made equipment’s are to be made .
    i scrounged several big pieces of rug rolled them up and now have a throw dummy free !
    get some old tiers bind them together and you gave a kicking device !!
    old school still works today !!

  3. @fightTIPS below are some solo grappling drills with heavy bag!


    I think fellow martial art enthusiasts will find it helpful.

    Wish you could comment 🤞

  4. I don’t have mats at home, so I use handball knee pads. You can drill anything with them on a carpet or even on wooden flooring.

  5. Awesome! Btw I’ve started to upload videos of my own too. If anyone wants to check them out I would want then I would really appreciate it. Have a great day and please stay healthy in a time like this!

  6. i have a problem my shins are red and they hurt a bit because of shin conditioning i throw kicks to an iron colum with shin guards should i stop it or should i wait for carantine to end and buy aheavy bag or it is natural i do conditioning two times a week and i throw 200 kicks per times

  7. Great video, I’m glad you uploaded this because my MMA gym is currently closed and i was looking for BJJ exercises. Thanks for this

  8. Shane i’m having some problems with the shoots, I don’t think i’m doing them right. My gym hasn’t taught this to me yet since im so new, could you check my form?

  9. I’ve just done this workout at fighttips.com and goddam does it fucking burns your legs, the explosive jumps fucking destroyed me

  10. Week one finished yesterday. Started day 1 of week 2 today, already shattered with your Muay Thai training, but I must say I have noticed improvement in the areas trained. I felt a lot smoother in my movements, not as jolty and shifty as I was last week, so I’m definitely more balanced already. And Vince’s grappling workout had me virtually legless for the rest of the week. Top stuff. Thank you two very much.

  11. This ques is not related to the video… Anyways i wanted to ask that is it okay if my hand gets a lil bit lower midair while retracting after hitting the bag. When i punch the heavybag (point B) i do it right but when i retract it gets a lil bit lower and gets to the (point A).

  12. Thank you so much been going insane without my boxing and I’m excited to try some MMA always wanted to but want allowed 😂

  13. Honestly, I almost passed out doing the muay thai training vid, really shows I’m not that fit haha, but I keep on doing it. I will try this next.

  14. Hy shane! Im 24 years old and blue belt in bjj if i do kickboxing and boxing training for 1 year more can i have first amature mma fight at 25 and become ufc fighter at 30?will i be good enough to fight with ufc guys?plzz answer i’m your big fan

  15. Hi I’ll like to learn how to hit hard I’m slim and feel so week hitting my bag I feel week more on my back.. Got a long band was told its good to help but not sure what to do with it haha any tips please

  16. What are your thoughts about hitting the body in a street fight? I know a lot of people head hunt but can’t you take the fight out of someone if you land a proper body shot?


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