1. when the fight does happen, it will have to be at a catch weight. spence is the -A- side and will call the shots. crawford already said he can blow up to 154 when he made a challenge to charlo.

  2. He hasn’t fought anyone and got dropped by the green machine . Kell Brooke lost to Spence to. I say it over and over he loses to Porter Spence or Garcia two out of the three knocks him out I don’t get the hype.

  3. One thing about Terence Crawford if you disrespect him hes ready to go at the drop of a Hat he doesn’t care if your 6′ plus Terence is a beast bro.

  4. It’s like some people want guys to fight Shawn Porter but Shawn Porter will do nothing more than smother and head but your guy u really stand to gain nothing but a lesson on brawling and a possible head injury

  5. Cough cough [email protected]^#&×& Dontae you my man but you can throw that Bud deserves his spot. Ok don’t get me wrong Bud nice but he fought crumb snatchers to the top! He hasnt even faced a old Lamont peterson he didnt even fight any one like Micky Garcia not at 147 or 140… stop it.. now do I wanna see the fight hell yeah.. But don’t sell us that bs Bud did this did that. He fought c class fighters at best and he just got rocked!! Stop it… Keith just might give Bud major major issues….

    • @Greg Clark idk Mikey doesnt seem to carry 147 lbs well so i dont have much faith in him in the division. But Brook and Porter can beat everyone on Bud resume, Bud still better than them and i have Bud beating everyone they fought minus GGG since he a MW

  6. Man I love Terence Crawford but I’m tired of hearing about he’s the best not until he fight some of the PBC fighters period

    • Big Joe I seen that I question Errol about that too at first but my opinion if the fight happens I just think Errol power will over come Crawford skills

    • @Paul Jefferson it’s entirely possible I’ve been an Errol fan for awhile now I had him winning by stoppage vs Brook but I think Crawford fights as well if not better then Errol on the inside and outside so unless Errol can smother him along the ropes and unload on him I don’t see Errol winning still with all that said it seems clear enough Crawford is clamoring for the fight more then Spence has and only Spence has said they are on different sides of he street so that makes it difficult…I know Terrance acknowledges that fact but also said it can be made if both sides want the fight and that seems to be the major issue stopping it happening…simply put both sides don’t seem to want that fight right now for whatever reason Errol’s side seems this way much more then Crawford’s

  7. Crawford should not take the kell brook fight ! Brook is too big and too skilled. Mind u in both of his loses he was up on the cards. GGG and Spence are big punchers. Crawford is not! Brook is a good fight let with a good resume. He can beat Crawford. His problem will be the weight. 147 is a big cut. But remember I said it first. Brook over Crawford split decision

  8. Donte I love you bro but “free pay per view” thats like saying a night at your hotel should be free…boxers literally put their lives on the line for the “prize” which is why it’s called prize fighting. Let the fighters get their prize…i disagree with the nonsense of pay per view being free.. would that not diminish the amount of the fighters prize?? Come on man you are usually very rational and logical in the things you say regarding boxing but free pay per view is illogical unreasonable and borderline malicious toward the fighters

  9. I just unsubsribed man because you ain’t making since anymore I believed in you when you was unbiased and seemed to be fair…but you say crawford will most likely fight kell brooks next who lost to spence by stoppage but he won’t fight Shawn porter who also lost to spence but by slit decision. It should be shawn or Thurman..Thurman was unified champ and has only one close decision lost to pac man yet Crawford ducking thurman..we no Danny is mandatory for spence so he not in the conversation for who crawford should face next…yet crawford buck dancing for his white master Bob arum claiming Bob work for him he can make what ever fight he want…this is utter fake bullshit crawford does what he is told like a fucking employee not like a boss because if he was the boss it would be easy to make these fights happen arum is running his career. One minute he telling Spence “they work for us” next minute its “i fight who they tell me to fight”. which is it crawford are you a bitch or a boss? Dear donte call a spade a spade like you use to bro


  11. You should say all these things your saying about Canelo to Floyd who fought pacman way beyond his prime never fought Margarito or Paul Williams or Kermit Citron stop reaching cry baby just say your racist and want the ball on your terms but the Charlo and Andrade don’t bring any records of fighters that hype them enough to bring the money to the table so of course yo have to use your cards for trying to justify your fighters please don’t beg to cofuse the fans give these men like Andrade and Charlo guts to fight each other but they won’t because they’re scared to lose their bargaining chip if they lose come on be real earn your fights against recognized foes not the garbage they are fighting please I know you want to see your so called favorites fight do yourself a favor and push them to fight someone in their rankings these so called Champs to remedy their Shamefull names on their records at this rate they will never really be true hall of famer or true ppv draws their pathetic records and egos are going to get them laughed at in the hall of fame they will never be true legends like Hagler,Hearns,Sugar ray Leonard,Duran,Roy Jones Junior,Bernard Hopkins,Pernell whitaker,Evander Holyfield,Mike Tyson…these men where Warriors who didn’t care who was the A side they fought with guts pride dignity for the right to rule the division they didn’t pad their records with nobody’s and ask for give me they challenged themselves like real men not divas so stop trying to hype the unhypable givem guts not glorifying b.s. for something they still haven’t done if Charlo had any guts he’d fight Andrade or Eubank these men are known but truth be said Charlo brothers are coward clowns just barely getting by there are better prospects out there for Canelo he’s driving the bus now so get on in the back and keep wasting valuable time makes me sick how any man can beg for something and not even work for it SHAMEFULL!!!! That’s what you are!!! Get a life buddy! It’s the mayweather bus again only Canelo is in the script and he might do better as far as money making!


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