1. “What FIGHTING Taught Me About Life”

    What does success mean to you? What does failure mean to you?

    The Muay Thai Guy Sean Fagan set out to live his life pursuing what his heart was telling him – to pursue the path of a fighter.

    But he quickly realise that even in the pursuit of your dream life, it requires sacrifices and the ability to face your own demons when things get challenging.

    There were times in Sean’s journey where he seriously contemplated giving up the fight life.

    The times he could have just laid on the canvas after getting knocked down, and wait for the referee to finish the count.

    But the sheer willpower to stand up after getting knocked down, and to choose to look at pain and suffering in the face instead of running away, is such an extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

    The more he fought, the more he learnt about himself.

    It is the confidence in knowing that you have the ability to overcome adversity.

    Losing a fight or making wrong decisions in life are mistakes that you can learn from, not failures. Failure is when you give up and stop trying.

    And for Sean, knowing that he has the power to stand up after getting knocked down, gave him the courage and confidence in his own abilities to deal with other challenges in life.

    This is why he feels that everyone can benefit from taking a fight, to find out who you are.

    • I still remember my feeling when I have to push myself to go for evening BJJ class after work, it never be easy. Just one week before my gym closed due to corona virus, I have just be promoted into two stripes (white belt), but I never let corona virus incident hinder me. Now I am doing boxing drills, swiss ball drill and some workouts as far as I can, hoping that when my gym reopen, I will continue my training with stronger physiques and smarter move, and hoping that the next year it may be my time to become a blue belt. Your story is very inspiring for me, respect!

    • @James Sherman I guess you’re still young and full of strength, but I’m over 40 and have no strength in comparison to (almost) everyone in my gym, so I have to develop my agility first. First six months of learning, the only thing I could do is to survive from 5-minute hell, so I had to focus on defense and escape first, then sweep and transition. I start training seriously in Jan 2019 (after just drop-in since Aug 2018), I got first stripe five months later and got second stripe in the end of Feb 2020. I think the next goal is to sharpen my escape and sweep skills and develop take-downs and throws. BJJ is the clearest mirror to see and show your true personality, so if you believe in your strength, focus on developing it (running, weight-training and so on), but for myself, BJJ as a mirror show that I wish for more agility, so that’s a reason why I love boxing and swiss ball (LOL).

    • @Lordofwar Nick age ain’t nuttin but a numba boii and the loneliness nnumba is the numba 1. U can be strong at 40 start lifting !!! #dad strength

  2. Like the wise monk said to Sagat after his losing streak – “Don’t be seduced by fame when you’re rising, don’t give up when you fall”.

  3. I started kickboxing last September, and i remember before that i felt all my entire life an emptiness deep in side on my heart related to acceptance from others. Martials arts gave me something that even my job or family can fill my heart. Like he said, you learn about your self. I also was wanted to prepare myself to fight on next December in an tournament and i was so much motivated to show that i could do it and even win it. One month and half as passed since the lock down because of the virus, and i’m really begging to fell depressed and sad. I tried to train by my self but i lost completely the motivation and its been really hard to get back on track. Really miss the pads and the sparring. Keep up the good word. Keep heatlh.

  4. Well, I started fighting because I got bullied. After the bullying stopped I needed to learn to control my emotions and fears. Now I have neither really something to fear (I was the kid that was not scared to walk alone through the woods in the middle of the night) nor do I lose control about myself anymore. So learning how to fight and training how to fight helped me to stop fighting.


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