1. DAZN should give an ultimatum Charlo, Benavidez, or GGG!!! That’s it man!! If not he SUCKS!!! And I’m full blooded Mexican!! Real Talk!! 🥊🥊🥊 What u scared of if you’re a REAL MEXICAN Canelo!! U making us look bad and weak!! And that’s just not in our Mexican Blood Carnal!!!

  2. Of course, jus like clenelo. If it isn’t 2nd tier champions, or semi-retired champs, he won’t face u. I’ll put money on that!! He’ll face Rob Brant, Murata, Yiridirm instead of Charlo; Andrade; Benavidez, trilogy with GGG; Devervechenko, etc. And before y’all get to talking about “well who have they faced”, remember… He faced Rocky Fielding; who da fuck has HE faced?!?!?!😡😡 who?! So before u defend ur lil bitch princess, it goes both ways

  3. Ya’ll need to wake up the WBC is messing up boxing. People need to boycott all wbc title fights then they will get message.

  4. Charlo taken a ruff and tuff fight while Canelo taking a cream puff. If Charlo wins and is a tough fight Canelo is calling Charlo out next fight. Its a easy way to do a fight if Al Haymon does a good job doing this fight….. lol! That was all bs but canelo won’t do it or will he🤔

  5. hell this is bigger than boxing , im rooting for Al and the whole PBC, thats right im rooting for the business…..MAN OH MAN IF AL GETS CANELO OVER TO THE PBC FOR 1 FIGHT ITS OVER, HE WILL NEVER WANNA LEAVE, oh we talking about a fight build up like no other, everybody will be calling him out, both charlo’s, Benivedez, Caleb, everybody will want a piece of him, it will be a W for the PBC’s brand.

    • @Crouching Dragon X yeah dude exactly me to you know what your better off not replying but I grew up boxing my whole life at 18 I made the choice to stick to a passion of mine music because boxing would take up my whole day I’d run for an hour do aerobics for an hour weight lift later on then spar and I wanted to go pro very good but I already had alot of conclusions because I played football as well real young against teams who were cheating in l.a. they would have other kids weigh in then they would change jerseys and dust our ass of at the age of 17 I was already shaking so much I could barely hold a full glass of water so I thought about the trauma I didnt you want my family to go through that but luckily the shaking stopped I continued music which some of my old stuff is on my page but I got a new album dropping and I’ve been working in between those years it’s been five years in the making and I couldn’t be more happy I made that decision but yeah bro Andy Ruiz Joshua was crazy there’s plenty plenty of times that happen

    • @Crouching Dragon X and I think it’s legit that you just like to watch it and are willing to learn and you’ll learn one thing is done always listen to the commentators you can pretty much judge for yourself I noticed that the commentators can be very very biased like for instance someone can get off six punch combo and then the other fighter will counter with one right hand and the commentators will go crazy and I’m not speaking about Floyd as much as Floyd show his greatness people still don’t understand how great he really is just the positioning of his body is balanc reflexes IQ the way he sets up traps and not to mention he actually fights at his weight how many people can we really say that about but yeah bro just keep watching

  6. ÊJust don’t follow Canelo anymore, he will lose anyway because losing fans equals losing money… and he loses a lot right now not fighting even once a year.He is inactive and out of fighting shape and if he steps in the ring with a hungry and prepared contender, it can be an upset.Canelo still young, but if he continues in this way he will not be a great💩👎

  7. Charlo turn down the offer do some research and Andrade said he won’t fight canelo close doors this channel is all lies
    Charlo Andrade not proven fighters

  8. Canelo just thinks that he’s surpassed all competition and has nothing left to prove.
    I say he is very scared to lose and I’m almost positive that Andrade will whip his ass.

  9. This doesn’t tell well. He wants the PBC to pay him to fight a weak opponent instead of fighting one of the Top Guys DAZN wants him to fight. Al isn’t going to pay canelo to fight anyone that isn’t named charlo lol


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