1. My favourite lines of his announcing, is after Backlash 2001 when Vince and his daughter Stephanie was celebrating the newly crowned champions of the Team Duo titled Two man power trip:
    Ladies and Gentlemen accompanied by Stephanie McMahon Helmsley, the chairman of the WWF Mr Mcmahon.

  2. I always Remember Howard finkle introducing all the greats from the attitude era!
    Truly a humble man who loved the business RIP my good man🥀🗣🎤

  3. In a Era where everyone wants to say that everyone was the greatest, Howard Finkel stands in a league of his own! Howard was the one! Without Howard, those magical Wrestmania moments would have been “Missing Something”… The thought of winning the WWE(F) championship is complete when you hear Howard Finkle announce it! Nobody can touch this guy! He is in thay league of Bobby Heenan, Hogan, Mean Gean, Gorilla… when ratings were not a 2.0, but a 12 AND 13.0!
    Thank you Howard for everything! We love you man!

  4. R.I.P Howard “The Fink” Finkel.
    You will always be the greatest ring announcer in pro wrestling history.

  5. Man, I’ve copied his announcing so many times in my life… He’s a part of why I fell in love with wrestling.
    R.I.P. to a real legend.

  6. He was WWE’s Don Pardo, the real voice of WWF and WWE, his voice is timeless and marked the best moments
    The man who coined the term and phrase
    “Welcome to Wrestlemania”

    Every kid who loved wwf and wwe dreamed that one day he would say their name. Thanks for the memories Fink

  7. The wig at Wrestlemania 10 was a great moment. He’s probably the most copied voice/ character that anybody as kids tried to replicate in wrestling.


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