1. So apparently our players are agreeing to a 12.5% pay cut, but I just want to say the fact that our players all refused to take one initially is disgusting and I lost a lot of respect for the club , only reason they’re probably agreeing now was the backlash and too right, they make that much money (which is ridiculous in the first place considering all they’re really doing) yet are somehow still greedy , god I hope money never blinds me from being a good person like that

  2. No Troopz this is the Henry situation all over.
    We all will be devastated, but we won’t/can’t blame him.
    Reason: Club won’t pull their finger out.

  3. Robbie’s garage must be huge..i mean to fit in a Bentley, 2 Lambos, 2 Ferraris, a Humvee, 2 G Wagons………………………………a chopper, some S Classes…and still have room to work out!!..sheesh🙄


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